Gored By a Deer

Gored By a  Deer is not your typical metal band.  Get this; they don’t really even listen to metal.  Rolling up to shows rockin Hip Hop and R&B.  The early 2010 release entitled “Art of Arson” is definitely worth a listen, as well, good enough to land a spot on the Summer of Slaughter Tour.  Playing alongside the likes of Veil of Maya and The Faceless.  They’ve had a busy and bitter sweet year, between this, signing a record deal with Dark Slate Records, after finishing up a development deal which really helped them hone their unique sound.  Sadly, they’ve been unable to continue pushing live due to an injury leaving  Taylor temporarily unable to play guitar.  This was a tough time for the band, however, they are cranking ahead full speed now.  They have been working hard in the studio on their upcoming EP entitled “Like Statues”.  It’s nearing completion and slated for release in early 2011.  According to Daniel, “this album is going to be considerably heavier than the last release” and the band seems thoroughly excited to see how the fans accept the new project.  There are tours in the works, and will likely kick off this February with label mates Kill Icarus.  Stay tuned, these guys are going to be making major waves!  Check them out at Facebook and Myspace!



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