Making a band Facebook page

As Facebook continues it’s dominance in the social network realm, many artists are feeling a bit lost when it comes to promoting their music on the Facebook platform.  Naturally, you should be talking about your music on your personal profile just as you talk about other aspects of your life, but there are some good reasons why you should make the leap and take the focused promotion efforts off of your personal Facebook profile and create a Facebook page dedicated to your music.

First we need to clear up a little terminology.  Facebook calls the typical individual profiles Personal Profiles and they refer to the profiles created by a brand, product, organization, musician or band as Profile Pages.  It can get confusing as they can look similar, but there are some big distinctions in how they work.  Also, you must have a Facebook personal profile first before you can create a profile page, so if you’re brand new to Facebook, you’ll have to create that first.  Once you’re up and running with a personal profile, here is how you can create a profile page.

How to create your Facebook artist/band page

1. Go to this link

2. Select the Artist, Band, or Public Figure button

3. Once that is selected, you will get a drop down menu where you will want to select band or musician

4. Enter in the artist or band name in the “name of page” field and click create page.

Now that the page is created, be sure to post a profile image and drop your bio into the info section.

Why not just use my Facebook personal profile?

As mentioned above, there are some key functionality differences that make a Facebook Profile page a better option for promoting your music which we’ll detail in part 2 of this tutorial. But #1 on the list has to be the security for your personal information.  Most people use their personal profiles as a way to share info, pictures and updates with their friends and family. So certain aspects of their life outside of their music career are visible for all who are “friends” to see.  Anyone who you grant access to your personal profile (Because they are a fan of your music) might have more info than you really want them to have.  Making a Facebook page for your music career allows anyone to be a fan without the worry that they’re getting to know you more than you like.

Do you have a tip for new artists on Facebook?  Please share in the comments below!



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