There for Tomorrow Documentary

There for Tomorrow will be releasing their new album, The Verge, on June 28th via Hopeless Records. However, the band are also prepping to release a documentary as well. You can check out what the band had to say about the documentary in a recent interview below:

E.R: I actually wanted to talk a little bit about the documentary as well. Initially, how did you guys decide on documenting your progress?

M.M: We’re very interactive with video content, and we kind of started up this webisode series called “The Tomorrow Life.” Our guitarist Christian handled all the camera work and edited the whole thing so it’s very DIY and a perfect insight into our band and the culture behind it, our lifestyle. So originally, doing the studio footage, he was wrapping up all this awesome timeless stuff that showed what we were doing on the album, and we came up with the idea of a documentary, and we got a friend in town to help out with it. That also led us to the idea of doing the live sessions we have up online, we’ve released three of them so far, you can check them out on our YouTube!


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